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REXBETI Grease Gun

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  • The new quick release grease coupler with 360° swivel ABS plastic handle can withstand a maximum working pressure of 10000 PSI. Upgraded design, push operation, avoid axial bending. Easily releases from clogged fittings, even at extreme pressures.
  • Includes a 18" flex hose, 1 reinforced standard coupler, 1 upgraded grease gun coupler, 2 metal extension tubes and 1 sharp type nozzle
  • Solid construction of steel barrel,working pressure is up to 6000 PSI. Orange rubber sleeve around the barrel provides added grip in slippery situations.
  • Strong handle creates plenty of leverage for all day comfort.
  • Easy operation.We added a small amount of lubricating oil to the grease gun to prevent rust, so it's normal to find oil in the grease gun. The grease gun is equipped with a towel to clean the grease.

Product Description





Reinforced Grease Gun

The Reinforced steel barrel leads the grease gun looks like more powerful and glossier. The rubber handle creates plenty of leverage for all day comfort. The heavy duty plunger helps to pump the grease more quickly and efficiently

The thickened Spring

Inside the grease barrel,we equipped with a 2nd generation spring which is more powerful and thicker than normal spring.It will provides superstrong pressure onto the plunger all the time. A strong spring is always an important criterion of judging a grease gun well-built or not

Air-Release Valve Design

Release the air of the tube is a must thing to be done.The air-release valve allows air to escape after new grease has been added to the grease gun and pumped into the head.Just press the valve and lubricate with ease.






Insert the Grease Cartridge

Tip: Always make sure that you're storing your grease cartridge cap size down so that gravity does not create air bubbles

Screw the Head Back on Cylinder

Tip: When it's tight,then go back about half a turn so you can let the air out

Push the Grease in

Press the safety lock with your thumb and pushing the T-handle to the end

Ready to Lubricate

Tips: If you can't pump the grease properly, please unscrew the head half a turn or more to let the air out and press the air bleeder valve. Follow this step and try 1-3 times, the grease will be pumped successfully



When you need to remove the nozzle from the zerk fitting. Please follow below steps, then you can remove the nozzle easily

1. Untighten the hose or nozzle a little bit (this step unload the kept pressure in the hose or nozzle)

2. Remove the nozzle from the zerk fitting

Please notice that most of the normal coupler has the same issue, it is caused by the kept pressure in the hose or nozzle which will make the coupler clamp the zerk fitting tightly. as long as there is no kept pressure in the hose or coupler, it will be easy for the user to remove the hose or nozzle from zerk fitting.

Upgraded grease gun coupler for fast locking and release. Easily releases from clogged fittings, even at extreme pressures, click the orange button on the right to buy. No need to buy other couplers, we can meet your requirements!


If you can't pump the grease properly, please unscrew the head half a turn or more to let the air out and press the air bleeder valve. Follow this step and try 1-3 times, the grease will be pumped successfully.

Note: REXBETI grease gun can be used with any standard 14 oz grease cartridge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Brian L.
Nice, solid quality grease gun and great seller customer service!

Great, quality grease gun w tips that can “lock” into grease receptors on equipment. I used on my snowblower auger. Ensure you get air out with release valve to ensure grease pumps out with initial use. I didn’t despite the directions to do so, after no grease was coming out, so I was checking to ensure the tip wasn’t clogged and the tip came apart when I unscrewed it, which was my own mistake. So don’t unscrew the actual tips attached on top of the great selection of attachments, including fantastic flexible hose attachment with tip already attached. Would definitely recommend. Also the standard grease canister fit perfectly. Just need to pull off the large bottom cap of the canister and pop its top to insert into the grease gun barrel. great customer service too when I contacted seller because of my tips issue/mistake.

*UPDATED* Seamed like the best, but then i used it... hopefully the'll make it right.

** UPDATE **
Spoke with company and vowed to make this right by refunding my purchased price for the inconvenience. The GUN does work well and i like it much better than my old one, I musta got a bad coupler that was way too tight. WOULD by again !

Bought in 2018 for upcoming car/ lawn & garden needs. Finally my Echo hedge trimmer said "grease me". unboxed it, install a $12 tube of special Echo silicone grease, spent a few minutes getting it to prime/pump, then.... Popped it on my Echo trimmers transmission, gave it 3/4/5 good pumps, saw it over fill then attempted to remove it. it was stuck on.

My old grease gun was snug fitting the first few times, but then the coupler internal loosened up and it was fine. This Lnchett must be EXTRA HD since it was stuck stuck stuck. Got my neighbor to hold the trimmer down, used 2 different tools to try and pry it off with no success. Finally after 45 mins we were able to break the zirks head & unscrew the zirks base off the trimmer, now the nipple is stuck in the coupler.

Hopefully i can get a new zirk & coupler from somebody or it could get ugly.

Linda Smile
Edited... excellent communication & customer service!

I am editing this review because this seller had excellent customer service and communication and the problem was completely resolved. We could not have asked for more attentive customer service!

My husband reviewed this product:
On my first connection I could not remove the zerk coupler from the zerk fitting (as many other reviewers also noted).

Supplier stated in their product description that this was caused by grease pressure behind the fitting. They suggeted to release this back pressure and coupler would disconnect -- NOT TRUE. I removed the hose from the pump and the coupler would still not release. I had to take the coupler apart to get it off. I tested the second coupler (included with pump) on a different zerk fitting by itself (not on pump). It also could not be removed.

After wasting an hour and having a greasy mess, I installed an old coupler on the new gun and it worked fine.

In my 40 years working with grease guns, this is the first time ever having this problem. Don't waste your time and money on this one. I would recommend that you consider another brand. There are many others with good reviews.

Kat Forster
Could be better

There are many of these in this price range. I chose this one. It's easy to load (remove the top, cock the spring lever all the way back on the backend, screw the top on and release the spring).
I like that it has a "bleed" to make sure you're getting grease, and I like how the handle can be compressed w/ one hand, as my previous model had a long lever and was harder to activate w/ one hand. In addition, you can let off the handle on this one and not waste a lot of grease.
It comes w/ a couple different ends, but I've only used the flex one. I do not like how the locking end works. You have to unscrew the tip to open the jaws, position it over the zerk, then screw it tight to lock it onto the zerk. However, the tip is smooth finish, so there's no friction. Your hands or gloves are likely greasy, so you almost have to do it w/ a wrench.. and it's already taking one hand to hold the tip in place and one to hold the gun. I spent $15 for another tip that locks with a lever action that can be performed w/ one hand. I notice that the new tip also does not allow as much grease leakage around the tip as the first one.

Z. George
Five Stars

good quality, works well, very solid, easy to use handle, just all around great product.

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