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REXBETI Grease Gun

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  • Solid construction of standard steel barrel, Working pressure is up to 7000 PSI
  • Includes a 18" flex hose, 2 reinforced standard coupler, 2 metal extension tubes and 1 sharp type nozzle
  • Thickened rubbery sleeve around the barrel provides added grip in slippery situations
  • Pistol grip handle creates plenty of leverage for all day comfort
  • Easy operation.We added a small amount of lubricating oil to the grease gun to prevent rust, so it's normal to find oil in the grease gun.

Product Description



When you need to remove the nozzle from the zerk fitting. Please follow below steps, then you can remove the nozzle easily

1. Untighten the hose or nozzle a little bit (this step unload the kept pressure in the hose or nozzle)

2. Remove the nozzle from the zerk fitting

Please notice that most of the normal coupler has the same issue, it is caused by the kept pressure in the hose or nozzle which will make the coupler clamp the zerk fitting tightly. as long as there is no kept pressure in the hose or coupler, it will be easy for the user to remove the hose or nozzle from zerk fitting.

To avoid this situation, we recommend you to buy the manual unload coupler, which will be much easier than normal coupler.


If you can't pump the grease properly, please unscrew the head half a turn or more to let the air out and press the air bleeder valve. Follow this step and try 1-3 times, the grease will be pumped successfully.

Note: REXBETI grease gun can be used with any standard 14 oz grease cartridge.






Reinforced Grease Gun

The Reinforced steel barrel leads the grease gun looks like more powerful and glossier. The rubber handle creates plenty of leverage for all day comfort. The heavy duty plunger helps to pump the grease more quickly and efficiently

The thickened Spring

Inside the grease barrel,we equipped with a 2nd generation spring which is more powerful and thicker than normal spring.It will provides superstrong pressure onto the plunger all the time. A strong spring is always an important criterion of judging a grease gun well-built or not

Air-Release Valve Design

Release the air of the tube is a mustthing to be done.The air-release valve allows air to escape after new grease has been added to the grease gun and pumped into the head.Just press the valve and lubricate with ease






Insert The Grease Cartridge

Tip: Always make sure that you're storing your grease cartridge cap size down so that gravity does not create air bubbles

Screw The Head Back On Cylinder

Tip: When it's tight,then go back about half a turn so you can let the air out

Release the T-handle

Press the safety lock with thumb and push the T-handle back to the end

Ready to Lubricate

Tips: After grease work,If you can't release the coupler from the fitting, you can slightly pull it up and down or unscrew it.then it will easily be pulled out from the fitting

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Appears to be well made

The coupler holds to the fitting so well that it can be a little troublesome getting off. But that's what I needed to push grease through a stubborn fitting that my other smaller gun would not do. You have to rotate the coupler around at an angle like the hands on a clock then yank it off hard. I would not try that style of coupler on a recessed universal. Might not be able to angle it enough to get it off. Fortunately the hose threads on the gun universally accepts other coupler styles that pull straight off the zerk fitting.

If you're new to grease guns, READ the included instructions

I am new to this device so it took me some trial and error to get it to work. I referred to the instructions and that was helpful as I noticed I was pulling the trigger but there seemed to be no pressure behind it. Sure enough the instructions states that if you run into this problem unscrew the top to let the air out of the chamber. Did that and it worked. Was able to grease all the fitting on the prop shaft on my LX470. Great product.

Learn to use a grease gun before you use it

I did the mistake of assuming I understood the instructions and used the grease gun on a $200 Daytona Jack. As you can see in the image - I had a really bad experience.

The grease gun works great. It leaks a little but nothing to bad. You need to loosen the fitting to release the zerk. But never EVER force it out. Be patient (see my results).

Exactly what i needed

I'm no grease gun expert, but I'm a do-it-yourselfer, work on my own cars/boat, and an engineer

When I received this piece I noticed its relatively heavy. When it comes to tools, especially tools that induce hundreds or thousands of pounds of pressure, heft is a very welcomed thing
The attachments are high quality and work excellent
I greased up my entire boat and trailer using this gun. It worked like a charm. The nipple clamps onto the zerk fittings tightly (so you dont have to hold them) and once you're finished you just wiggle the nipple and it pops right off. Absolutely love this thing.

C Clark
Works great, just loosen the fitting to remove from a zerk.

So far so good. I assembled it using Teflon tape on the hose to avoid any leakage under pressure. As other reviewers stated, the easiest way to remove this from a zerk is to loosen the fitting in the front and it pops right off. I got my zero turn mower greased up and ready for the season in less than 10 mins! Now I’m on the look out for anything with a zerk that I can grease 😆

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