15 Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Woodworking Projects for Beginners – If you’re new to work with wooden material, you’re going to need these woodworking projects for beginners. All of the projects listed on this page have a simple design and easy to make. It helps you to develop your skills in woodworking.

Well, many experienced woodworkers began this business as a hobby. It could be something that inspires you in living up your woodworking passion. These projects will get you ready to be the real woodworker.

You can build these woodworking projects with the most basic tools and materials. Working with passion and allocating some of the time you have are all you need.

Woodworking Projects for Beginners Ideas

1. Clever Cup Holder for Sofa Sleeve

It’s a clever idea to have a cup holder on the sleeve of your living room’s sofa. It’s something that people might never think of but it’s so helpful. For people who like to have the cup always nearby while sitting on the sofa, this is the one to have.

This woodworking project is friendly for beginners like you. The project is quite simple to make and it only needs three pieces of small wooden boards to make. If you have a good branding for this useful product, you can sell it fast.

2. Simple Wooden Dock for iPad

For customers who want a hands free experience in using their iPad, they should have this dock. It’s very practical and affordable. They don’t have to spend a lot of money to use the iPad freely. This project is very simple but good enough to hone your woodworking skills.

This small craft is made out of one small piece of wood. With just a little bit of carving, you can make a stylish dock to turn your iPod into a monitor paired with a keyboard. Alternatively, you can just put it on the dock and watch a video.

3. Small Square Wooden Bird House

To build a birdhouse can be pretty challenging. You have to consider the bird’s comfort. You have to create the space inside the house big enough. You can do this woodworking project with your kids by your side.

You and your kids can share a unique experience while doing the project. Hang the birdhouse you’ve made on a tree in your backyard. When the season is right, some birds will come by and stay for a little while.

4. Walnut Wood Cutting Board

Walnut wood is a great quality of material for cutting board. It’s strong, hard, and durable wood. That’s what makes Walnut perfect for cutting board. The dark color of the wood also offers a stylish look to the kitchen decor.

Instead of designing the cutting board with a handle, you can just leave it square or rectangular. It would be a lot easier to make. For you who want more challenge to hone your woodworking skill, make it with its handle.

5. Functional Pallet Shelf as Coffee Rack

This shelf is not only functional but also decorative. It adds more interest to the wall. The two-tiered shelf can be used for many purposes in the kitchen area.

This pallet shelf is easy and quick to make. Don’t forget to add hooks for extra storage. The hooks can be used to hang the cups just like this one. It costs virtually nothing if you have some wood pallets lying around.

6. Jewelry Organizer with Rustic Frame

Women who like to wear jewelry or accessories need an organizer to get rid of the clutter. It will also avoid the jewelry tying on itself to each other. They don’t want that. Having such kind of organizer will be very helpful especially when you’re in a rush.

Having a rustic wood as the frame is a good option to make. It will be a good decor to dress up the wall in a stylish way.

7. Wooden Phone Stand from Etsy

This wooden phone stand is a product from Etsy. You can take the design of this wooden piece as an inspiration for your next woodworking project. This phone stand is made using some small pieces of the oak wood board.

You can just buy it right away from the store or you can build it on your own and save about 10 bucks. You can train your woodworking skill by making this wooden stand. You can even add your graphic to make it more personal.

8. Wooden Bench for Outdoor Seating

You have enough with the little things. It’s time to upgrade the skill by making a larger piece of furniture. Take a look of this bench. It’s simple and classic. You can build it easily in a couple of hours. It’s a perfect bench for the outdoor area like backyard or front yard.

You will need 2 board and 18 screws that will cost you less than 25 bucks. It’s one of the woodworking projects for beginners that you enjoy while you’re outdoor.

9. Storage Container for Magazines

It’s a great way to archive magazines you have. There’s no chance to have all the magazines cluttered all over the living room. Gather all the magazines at one place and you can reach it easily anytime you want.

You can build this wooden container following some simple steps. Prepare the materials for four pieces of the container. Use jigsaw or band saw for easy cutting. It’s a very useful project to do especially for people who subscribe to various magazines.

10. Wooden Scraper from Sweden

This wooden scraper is well known as a Swedish boot scraper. It’s a traditional farm accessory from Sweden. This scraper allows you to clean the gunk-laden soles you have used. The special feature of this scraper is the edges of slats.

The sharp edges of this scraper are the reason why it works functionally. However, you can also use a boot cleaner and brushes that might cost a lot of money.

11. Easy Organizer for Shoes

It’s another beginner project that helps you organize your collections of shoes. It will let the floor space clean and away from cluttering shoes. It can hold any kinds of shoes from sandals to winter boots.

The best spot to install these woodworking projects is in the mudroom. The guests will have their shoes treated very well. This wooden shoe holder could make a perfect addition to your wardrobe to display your collections of expensive shoes.

12. Planter Box from Cedar Wood

It’s a nice addition to have in your backyard garden. People can buy this box planter for less than 20 bucks. It can be a lot cheaper if you decide to build it yourself. You just need some cedar wood boards with a rustic look.

This box planter could work with any kinds of flowers and plants. You can even put it inside the house as part of interior decor. It’s a woodworking project for beginners who are brave enough to get slightly up to the next level of woodworking skills.

13. House Number Plaque with Planter

It’s another woodworking idea with planter but it’s quite different. You can show the address number of your house stylishly. It’s a combination of house number sign and a wall planter. The plants make the sign more interesting to see.

It looks so simple for a beginner. It may take more than a house to make. Measuring and aligning the planter and numbers may take a lot of your time. To make the plaque more colorful, you should choose to plant flowers instead of greenery.

14. Wooden Ladder Storage

It’s very simple storage to organize the blankets. You’re going to need pieces of wood, sockets, and screws, wood glue, table saw hammer and nails.

Nowadays, wooden ladders are used as an appealing storage solution for your room. Some of the wooden ladders are available at mainstream stores like Home Depot, Amazon, and IKEA.

Using your basic woodworking skills, you can build your ladder shelf. You don’t need a standard looking one from the store. Well, you can make the special version of the ladder shelf. One room that needs this ladder shelf is a bathroom. It’s going to be perfect storage for towels.

15. Simple Vertical Rack for Sunglasses

This sunglasses organizer allows you to display your collection while storing them. This rack is designed to be friendly to renters. It consists of six straight plywood cuts. They’re all attached with wood screws.

To attach the rack to the wall, you can use command strips. It’s not hard to deal with plywood material. Just follow the tutorial you can find online. Instead of using it for glasses, you may have a different purpose hanging it on your wall.


To pull off all of those woodworking projects for beginners, you just need to learn the basic skills. Most of them are simple and easy to make. With just a few pieces of wooden boards, you can have the wooden items that you can use for yourself. You can even sell it to the world.

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