Safety Knee Pads - Safety Equipment Construction Knee Pads

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Safety Knee Pads for Work

A knee pad is a protective pad gear that you wear around the knee to protect you at home or at the workplace. It is an essential gear for anyone looking to spend time on the floor and putting extra pressure on their knees. Gardening knee pads, work knee pads,construction knee pads, knee Pads for flooring, all in one.

Safety Knee Pads - Safety Equipment Construction Knee Pads
Safety Knee Pads - Safety Equipment Construction Knee Pads
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REXBETI Knee Pads for Work, Construction Gel Knee Pads Tools, Heavy Duty Comfortable Anti-slip Foam Knee Pads for Cleaning Flooring and Garden, Strong Stretchable Straps, 1 Pair

Each knee pad comes with four 7-inch straps to accommodate users of all sizes. These straps feature a simple hook and loop closure that ensures they stay wrapped around your knees comfortably. The tough shell protects your knee from dangers, such as nails, stones, glass shards, and others as you work.

Notable Features
• Polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber shell
• Gel and foam padding
• Four 7-inch straps
• Reinforced stitching for durability

What we love:
• Lightweight construction ensures you can use these knee pads all day long
• The long straps ensure that you can wear it on different clothes and still get a snug fit
• When well-fitted, the knee pads do not affect your range of motion
• The pair is easy to put on and remove, thanks to the quick-release straps

Safety Knee Pads - Safety Equipment Construction Knee Pads

Thigh Support Design

Thigh support knee pads are the upgraded kneepads for all-day kneeling comfort and functionality.Unlike normal kneepads,the thigh support keeps your knees ergonomically centered within kneepad No matter for construction work,flooring or any other tough places you are woring on.

Safety Knee Pads - Safety Equipment Construction Knee Pads

Thick & Strong Stretchable Straps

The 2nd generation hook and loop tapes keep the kneepads firmly wrapped around your knees.Double strong stretchable Straps is flexible enough for all-size

Safety Knee Pads - Safety Equipment Construction Knee Pads

No Fear of Tough Surfaces

Equipped with everything you need to make your job easier,Thick foam padding is tucked within the heavy-duty shells to provide stability and comfort

Safety Knee Pads - Safety Equipment Construction Knee Pads
Safety Knee Pads - Safety Equipment Construction Knee Pads Knee Pads for flooring

These are professional knee pads designed for work. You can wear them when you are working on a roof, for plumbing work, cleaning work, and for any other kind of work that puts your knees at risk of an injury. They are designed to center your knees and allow a complete range of motion no matter the kind of work you are doing. They feature polypropylene with thermoplastic rubber as a shell to enhance stability. Under this is a gel and foam cushion that contours to the shape of your knees to keep you comfortable all day. The reinforced stitching and the PVC shell ensure that the knee pads last for a long time.

Upgraded professional work knee pads with thick gel and high density foam cushion. Thigh support design with high elastic strap. Reinforced stitching; Heavy duty PVC shell. Perfect construction knee pads for  work.

Heavy duty PVC shell can prevent hidden dangers from the stone, nails, glass shards when gardening, cleaning, flooring and construction work.

Thick gel and high density foam cushion provides comfort and protection, helps reduce the knee pressure from any heavy work.

Extra 4 extension straps. Each strap is 7 inch long. With easy-to-use adjustable straps, our knee pads can meet most sizes and can quick and easy to put on and take off.

Reinforced Stitching and Heavy-Duty materials last for a long time use and gives your knees full protection.