Box Cutter, Retractable Box Opener
Box Cutter, Retractable Box Opener
Box Cutter, Retractable Box Opener
Box Cutter, Retractable Box Opener
Box Cutter, Retractable Box Opener
Box Cutter, Retractable Box Opener
Box Cutter, Retractable Box Opener

REXBETI Box Cutter, Retractable Box Opener

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  • 30 Days Money-back Gurantee
  • Easy to use and perfect for opening your gift packages during holiday or your moving boxes if you are moving
  • Nice grip on the handle with the handy size
  • Retractable Single Edge Razor Blades provide safe use
  • Each box cutter with sharp carbon steel razor blades
  • Unbeatable price with 10 per box, GREAT BUY

Product Description

RexBeTi - A professional brand, Which only produce the BEST QUALITY tools to improve the quality of life

Made from first class Carbon steel, RexBeTi Carbon steel blades are known for their hardness and durability. Thanks to our unique manufacturing and sharpening process, they're safer to hold and use compared to traditional metal blades. Retractable Mini Cutter features small convenient size and nice grip on hands. The perfect mini-box-cutter, it is convenient to retracts back into housing for added safety when jobs done. it will be a great pocket companion when you need to cut boxes, packages and papers.

No matter for gift packages, moving boxes, carton boxes, cardboard or office use, This premuim box cutter from RexBeTi will definitely meet your needs! It is by all metal design with 1 retractable single razor blades, you will truely have a nice grip on handle with its smart size. The razor blade made by carbon steel will easily cut the boxes for you

What You Get
10 * RexBeTi box cutter
24 Hours customer service
30 Days Money Back gurantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sandi K
Exactly what the description says!

This box of box cutters is so handy to have. Now I can have one at the ready all the time. They are orange so easy to spot also. One thing I really like about these box cutters compared to others is that there is a "safety slide" where you can't push the cover too far, it stops before it slides off the entire knife exposing the blade and perhaps serious injury. They are sturdy and easy to use. First time use you will need to push to expose the blade but this should loosen up a bit with use.

Useful tool at bargain price

I knew up front that shipping would take awhile, but only took a couple of weeks. Box cutters came in great shape, no box damage. The price and quality are great. I gave them to family members that work in a mailroom. If you need box cutters I can highly recommend these. If you don't think you have a need for a 10 pack, you'll find uses for a small thin knife, which is what a box cutter basically is. Some thoughts are first aid kit, laundry room for cutting tags and loose threads, in car for emergency seatbelt cutter, I'm sure you will think of more. Oh, I need to mention these are painted bright orange so easy to find and come with a quality blade in each cutter.

Tina S.
Should be in everyone’s drawer

I’m a professional organizer and not only do I always have one of these in the kit that I bring to clients’ homes, but I have them stashed all over my house because they make opening and breaking down boxes so much easier. In this era of internet shopping, everyone should have a box of these on hand. And if you’re moving, a box of these should definitely be in your “move kit”!

Very well built

I purchased this set of knives to replace my utility knife in very constrained areas. I thought this product will be knives wrapped by thin metal sheet, but when I received it, I was shocked by the weight. It was much heavier than I thought. The metal is around 0.5mm thick. The knives are overall very thin and easy to use.

The only drawback is you have to be careful when handling it. The blade is very sharp, and remember to retract the blade fully to the shielth.

Bruce Evans
Very Nice Box Cutters!

I have grown weary of trying to find box cutters when I need one and a trip to the store for a 99cent tool seems a bit absurd. I also have found that by switching to orange colored tools I lose them much less often. Some shopping led me to these Rexbeti pack of 10 orange box cutters. They are perfect. I have one in every location where I might need a quick slicer; my office, the kitchen, by the front door where packages come, in the sheath with my Leatherman, and of course with my tools. The orange is not dayglo but it is bright enough to not be lost. They are not just cheap metal but I think sturdy enough to last many uses. Once you have them, you begin to think of more places to put one. REMEMBER the blades are single edge razor blades and extremely sharp.

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