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REXBETI Staple Gun+Case+Remover

REXBETI Staple Gun+Case+Remover

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  • Before use, make sure the strength adjustment bolt was already be tightened. If it came loose, be sure to tighten the bolt, or the loose bolt may pop out.
  • Comes with 1000pcs D-type, 800pcs U-type and 800pcs T-type staples to meet your different needs
  • Rubber grip and convenience handle lock for comfort and safe
  • When the staple gun is stuck, just pull down the metal drive channel and remove the stuck nails to ensure the nail gun works again
  • Thick carbon steel construction for durability, multi-purpose allows easily insertion of D-type, U-type, T-type staples.Easy operation

Product Description



How to staple on wood board or other hard surface?

  1. You can use both hands to operate as shown in the picture. This method prevents rebounding and also increases the success rate, reduce the issue of stuck staples.
  2. Rotate the strength adjustment knob clockwise to the maximum force to ensure that the staple can be successfully entered.

(Need to be reminded that if you need to hit staples on very hard objects, it is recommended that you buy stronger staples.)


  • Never Allow Children To Use The Staple Gun.
  • Before use, make sure that the strength adjustment knob is tightened. If it came loose, be sure to tighten the bolt, or the loose bolt may pop out. If the bolt damage already, please stop using it and ask us for a new replacement!!!
  • Please clean the staples in the staple gun after each use.
  • Read and understand all safety instructions before use.

REXBETI staple gun is great for securing insulation plastic sheeting, carpets, and other fastening applications. All steel casing and mechanics are professional products as well as devoted renovation, repair, DIY and hobby work at home. High quality products you can rely on.

It comes with 2600 piece staples - 1000pc D-Type staples / 800pc U-Type staples / 800pc T-Type staples(800pc U-Type staples and 800pc T-Type brad nails in one box)

If the staple is jammed, please do it as the picture





Step 1

Remove the loading lever

Step 2

Hold the switch with your thumb and pull down the metal drive channel

Step 3

Check the drive channel, look for the jammed staples and remove them, then check the drive channel for damage

Step 4

The drive channel is not abnormal, then restore the drive channel and continue to use




GS quality certification

Compared with the traditional pneumatic nail gun, its operation is more simple and convenient

Free to adjust the strength

Ideal tool for home wire installation, woodworking repair, and furniture fixed

2600-Piece Staples

1000pc D-Type staples / 800pc U-Type staples / 800pc T-Type staples


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I chose this staple gun for use around the house. I use it for reattaching trim, hanging tapestries, stapling new carpet to the cat tree, and even attaching a new board to the deck. This staple gun is fantastic. I gave it a 4 for hand stretch because it is a little big in a woman's hand, but hey, it is unisex so give it credit. It is lightweight (you need it weighty to get the job done so don't be discouraged), and the ability to adjust the tension is the ultimate selling point. Overall 5/5 stars!

Staple gun works, but kind of requires two hands

This staple gun works and is a good price, especially since you get the staples and the staple remover with it. But it does require elbow grease and really I needed two hands to use it. When reupholstering a chair, that meant I needed someone else to pull the fabric taut while I stapled. Not a big deal if you have a friend who could help, but be aware. Also, my hands started to hurt after a while of use.

Solid staple gun

Used it to attach back panel to a cabinet and it did the job. It’s nice that it comes with the staples I need so I don’t need to purchase additional.

I did about 20 staples and it jammed once. But it was fairly easy to clean it. The key is to have the right tension by adjusting the screw.

I don’t need instruction to use this but I would think others would have issues since no manual is supplied. But it is a solid tool.

New England Mom
You need one!

LOVE this tool. I can’t believe I waited so long to add one to my collection. Bought this item to help me replace radiator screens in old radiator boxes. It was powerful but not much kick back. Made the job fly. Only downside was no instructions were included in box (on loading and unloading and clearing jams). But the instructions were on Amazon page so I just printed them. All in all - highly recommend if you are in the market.

Easy to use

I bought this staple gun to do simple household projects and repairs. So far I have refurbished our cat condo and reupholstered some chais and I really like it.

Pro: easy to use and it doesn’t take to much pressure to pull the lever.

Con: only thing that would be that the staples included are short. But I was able to purchase comparable staples that fit my needs at Lowe’s

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