digital caliper measuring tool
digital caliper measuring tool
digital caliper measuring tool
digital caliper measuring tool
digital caliper measuring tool
digital caliper measuring tool
digital caliper measuring tool

REXBETI Digital Caliper 6 Inch Measuring Tool

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    • Unlike most inaccurate digital calipers, measuring jobs becomes more reliable and accuracy with REXBETI all stainless steel digital caliper. The measurements is proved by numerous tests including accuracy testing, load resistance and alignment of components testing, Precise measurements(Resolution: 0. 0005"/0. 01mm/1/128") that will meet your accuracy requirements anytime
    • Thanks to a high precision assembly quality materials and smart design, this digital caliper is a general purpose tool with characteristics of professional- grade models. It can be used in harsh conditions. With a range up to 6 inches and made of stainless steel, it will serve you for years to come. The jaws moves smoothly and produces no jams. It will be fairly easy to control and can be used right out of the box
    • Better looking, smooth sliding and accurate result. The whole body of this caliper was made of a first-class stainless steel and is machined with high precision to prevent any burrs and sharp edges. The jaws have laser machined surfaces for super accurate measurements, which will absolutely lasts longer than calipers with plastic or carbon fiber parts
    • Inch/MM/Fractions conversion. The LCD display is readable even at sunlight and shows the measurements in Inch/MM/Fractions(Resolution: 0. 0005"/0. 01mm/1/128"). Measure Range: 0-6 inches/150mm. Accuracy: 0. 001" Repeatability: 0. 0005"
    • Extra battery and automatic ON/OFF feature, so your battery won't be dead on arrival. Choose REXBETI, We will give you higher quality and value at a great price

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Joseph J. Young
    Nothing says steam punk better than a set of calipers.

    The caliper's case is ordinary plastic, though it does protect this precision instrument well. One thing you'll notice right away is the frosted hardened stainless. The frosted finish makes the caliper interesting. Its body is rounded and well polished. The battery lasted almost two years and an extra battery is included along with a small screwdriver to access the battery. These calipers are worth it and I would recommend them to all designers and machinists who demand excellence.

    Very well crafted.

    I have been using this caliper for about six months now. I bought it after my H.F. caliper started to behave erratically. This is a far superior tool. The slide action is silky smooth and the fit and finish is as good as or better than the pricey brands. I have a set of precision machinist blocks (1" x 2" x 3") to test the accuracy of this caliper against the accuracy of a pair of older Mititoyo dial calipers that I inherited. In addition to easily being the prettiest, the Rexbeti also proved to be the most accurate of the three. That, combined with the advantages that a digital electronic caliper has over older technology, makes the Rexbeti the best measuring tool in my tool box.

    In short, I love it.

    heriberto h sanchez
    Amazingly good calipers for the price.

    I love the fact that these calipers are all metal including the battery housing cover. I became very frustrated with calipers made of metal with plastic battery cap covers that keep popping off or breaking. I use my calipers for automotive work and other precision work in the shop and they are doing an excellent job. I know there are calipers out there that are built to a higher grade accuracy, but so far these calipers are getting the job done with really good accuracy. I would buy them again.

    Jay B. Sigel
    Accurate when using a good battery.

    When a known 1/4 diameter read .4" and a 1/2" read .7" (plus 3 more "significant" digits), I was about to return this device. Then, I decided to try the "new" battery that came with this. Even though the battery package said "2006" on it, which if correct would make it only 13 years old, putting that battery in resulted in this device reading correctly. Reads are in mm, inches and fractions of an inch. The device is all metal (except for the display). One star off for bad batteries, otherwise it worked very well. Stock up on LR44 batteries.

    Robert Miles
    Good quality, accurate, repeatable.

    Good quality, accurate, repeatable, smooth and nice balanced feel. Good value for the money. I have a six inch Mitutoya dial caliper for machinist work but saw dust can mess up the rack and pinon gear, so I purchased these for wood working. Now I think these are good enough for machinist work too. I like that I don’t need to turn them on to use, just move the head and they automatically turn on and you don’t need to zero them out every time, they continue were they turned off. I have been using them for a few weeks and I am very happy with my purchase.

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