REXBETI Double Head Sheet Metal Nibbler

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  • Easy and fast to cut 14 gauge material and creates a precision, burr free edge
  • 360 degree double cutting head to cut straight line, curve line and circles
  • HSS cutting blades to cut including but not limited to: Sheet metal, corrugated material, pipes, complex profiles, powder coated material, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, formica, plastic, fibreglass
  • Fits any drill that works between 1500-3000 RPM, More easy and powerful than normal shears and snips
  • REXBETI versatile sheet metal nibbler, perfect for car repair and house maintenance like metal roof cutting, HVAC vent pipe and other metal sheets

From the manufacturer



Product Features




Drill a starting hole

4-12 MM step drill bit helps you to drill a starting hole for the nibbler before cutting a perfect circle with it.

Circle-cutting with ease

The circle cutting accessories will helps you to cut a perfect circle,the maximum diameter can be 11-2/5 inch.

360 degree cutting head

The 360 degree cutting head allows easy control and has no problem to cut straight curve and circles.

It will be a big time saver for cutting sheet metal.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Terrific deal

This is an amazing value. I bought it with some trepidation because it seemed so, well, cheap compared to other tools that do the same thing. I was so wrong. Firstly, it comes in a metal case. When was the last time you bought a tool that came in a metal case? Second, it comes with all the accessory parts you need to actually use it -- none of "Requires accessory kit #xxxx purchased separately" -- it's all there. Third, the tool itself is *massive*'s machined from a solid block of metal. Lots of protons inside! I stood thinking "This chunk of metal, without even being machined, is probably worth nearly what I paid for the whole tool." And finally, using a small battery-powered drill for power, this thing chewed through 1.5mm steel without breaking a sweat. Needless to add, I like it a lot.

Chris R.
Has always impressed me, especially recently

So I used this rarely at work for cutting into things without starting a fire. Super useful on stuff where tin snips wont do it

But recently, I had a cheap electric safe at home stop working. Key wouldnt even open it. I had my car titles in there, and couldn't get in there with an angle grinder without hurting them. So I drilled a hole, put this in, and cut through the 2mm thick steel wall, the entire way across the back. I got everything back out safely and found a bolt came loose and jammed the lock mechanism

Anyhow, I've run this through stainless, painted mild steel, aluminum, a section of copper, nothing has stopped it or dulled it. I'm on the original blade, though I haven't done a TON of cutting

Now, this makes an absolute mess. It cuts crescent moon shapes out of metal. They are especially sharp and pointy. They get everywhere.

The main benefit to me is no sparks. Otherwise another cutter will be faster and more accurate. An angle grinder will cut straighter. I suppose if you really took your time, got it JUST right, drew out a line, youd cut nice and straight. Otherwise it's too easy to deviate

Adam T
Try it on a scrap piece of metal first.

As the headline says, try it on a scrap piece of metal first to get the hang of it. There is some measure of skill involved to be able to coerce this thing to move they way you need it to. Second, the edge guide is worth its weight in gold. Do not buy one of these without an edge guide!

I can attest that this thing can cut holes in a computer case. More specifically, it can cut a big hole in a Dell PowerEdge R720 server case! I used a top-of-the-line DeWalt cordless drill with 3 gears and powered by a 60V Flex battery. I started in first gear and it worked OK, but was kind of slow. So I kicked it up to second gear and it started chomping through that steel like a hot knife through butter. I never got up the nerve to try 3rd gear...

The project turned out great so we're all smiles over here.

E. Robinson
Did what I needed it to do

I used this to make some cutouts in some steel roofing. It was a little challenging at first to make strait cuts but eventually got the hang of it. It was a little difficult to cut the ridges.....had to work it a little but over all, it did what I needed it to do.

Tyler F.
Useful. Awesome. Good tool to have in your arsenal.

This thing is the real mccoy, wherever that quote comes from, this thing is right there. Smooth as butter and can turn fairly easily. Just need to keep the metal is the hole punch zone, which sometimes requires space around the cutting area to make the appropriate turn. I suppose you could just go the other direction and make it work in a tighter space, or maybe flip the bit if it's on the opposite side, I didn't check that though, but I cut an access hole to my gas tank and it saved me probably 6 hours of potentially catastrophic failure dropping the tank (or more professional results), but I took the hack job and this tool made it less hacky and more exactly.

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