REXBETI Double Head Sheet Nibbler

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  • Easy and fast to cut 14 gauge material and creates a precision, burr free edge
  • 360 degree double cutting head to cut straight line, curve line and circles
  • HSS cutting blades to cut including but not limited to: Sheet metal, corrugated material, pipes, complex profiles, powder coated material, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, formica, plastic, fibreglass
  • Fits any drill that works between 1500-3000 RPM, More easy and powerful than normal shears and snips
  • Easy operation

From the manufacturer






Drill a starting hole

4-12 MM step drill bit helps you to drill a starting hole for the nibbler before cutting a perfect circle with it.

Circle-cutting with ease

The circle cutting accessories will helps you to cut a perfect circle,the maximum diameter can be 11-2/5 inch.

360 degree cutting head

The 360 degree cutting head allows easy control and has no problem to cut straight curve and circles. It will be a big time saver for cutting sheet metal


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shawn B
Pretty good but not perfect.

I was not able to get this to cut 14g steel with an 1800 ram drill. Though 14g is the max and the requirements state 1500-3000 rpm drill required, so it is quite possible 3000 is needed for 14g, but since no instructions were included i am not sure. I switched it over to my impact driver and then it cut through the steel with ease. The tool works as intended. One star was removed for lack of Instructions and the fact that I purchased this a year ago, and only opened it today and a part had rust starting to form in the sealed packaging.

Brian OReilly
Cuts through thin sheet metal like butter

This nibbler replaces a very old one that had seen better days. It comes with two blades for different thicknesses of sheet metal. You screw the handle over one and use the other. It fits on any standard drill. It has a hex head, so you can use a hex chuck as well.

I use this over a set of tin snips because I can never do a straight line to save myself. With the nibbler, I can start and the edge and do a quick straight line cut. It's also really easy to cut vent pipe. I've also used it to trim vent pipe in place, but it gets hard if the vent is close to a wall or in a truss space. You'll get about 80% with the nibbler and you'll need to finish with snips.

Anyway it comes with spare nibblers (blades?), a step drill bit, spare blades, nibbler head and cutting guides (you can do circular cuts as well!!)

This thing is AWESOME!

There is nothing I dont like about this tool. I fell in love with this thing on first use and almost stole it from my friend. It is so versitile and robust, if cared for correctly, should last a lifetime. Spare parts and nice case. You will not regret this purchase. Its so cool!

Works well but you really, really need a template if you want precision

First of all, this is a nicely made product and nicely packaged. Even includes an extra anvil and an extra punch rod.

In use, it does a nice job - leaving a nice, clean slot (I was using it on 0.055" sheet metal - probably mild steel).

BUT!! Well, you know there would be a 'BUT'. It is not easy to use. The line you are trying to follow on the sheet metal is hidden a bit by the nibbler tip. So, for any accuracy, you really should make us a simple template or guide so you can press the 'tip' against it. You also have to hold the tip down so the tip edge is riding on the sheet metal. One more reason to have a guide of some sort. You should also secure the piece you are working on because you are going to be very busy guiding the rather cumbersome nibbler head and drill combination.

Despite the above comments it does nice work and does leave a nice clean edge. It is really cutting a round hole and not a square or rectangular hole. And it is quick! Hint: keep the bit and anvil well oiled.

Nice tool!

This is my first time using a tool like this, so I don’t have a benchmark comparison. That being said, I needed to cut a 6 inch diameter hole in an 18 gauge metal cabinet, this nibbler performed flawlessly...very quick learning curve, smoooth edges, no sharp corners on cut edges. I’m impressed, a welcome addition to my tool box.

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