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REXBETI 11 Inch Small Folding Hand Saw

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  • Durable SK-5 steel blade for efficient cutting during camping survival bushcraft landscaping and general yard work, great folding saw for camping
  • Heavy duty rugged 11" long blade helps you power through thick branches faster, 11" blade is ideal for cutting 6" - 7" diameter branches
  • Aggressive staggered teeth ( 7 TPI ) allows ultra smooth and sharp sawing
  • Comfortable and longer rubber coated polymer handle ensures a firm grip in any weather condition
  • Extra long design small camp folding saw
  • Dry wood pruning saw with hard teeth, perfect for general gardening and yard work

From the manufacturer


REXBETI folding pruning saw is great for camp duties. When you need to cut firewood or clear debris, this saw do the trick. Great folding saw for bushcraft, the blade is designed to cut through wet and dry wood without any troubles. The saw is reasonably priced and should be a staple in the backpacks of hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. 


REXBETI tools only produce the superior quality products. that same high quality fit and finish can be seen in this folding pruning saws. The aggressive staggered teeth provides an ultra smooth cutting action, specifically designed for camping pruning survival bushcraft landscaping and general yard work. The blades are made from hardened SK-5 steel which create a harder, longer lasting cutting point. The textured rubber-padded handle feels great for both right and left handed users. The saw blade locks in two different open positions, so whether you're making overhand cuts or undercuts, you still have maximum cutting power and control.




11 inch Extra Long Blade

REXBETI folding hand saw is equipped with 11 inch long blade which is great for camping and pruning. The extended full length coming in at 22 inch ( folding size is nearly 12 inch ). This large size proves that the tool can cut through wood, bone and plastic with consistent ease. Also the blade cuts in both directions( pulling or pushing )

7 TPI ( Teeth per inch )

This REXBETI camp folding saw features a 7 TPI design making it an excellent camping hand saw. After multiple tests with this sharp saw,prove that this saw is capable of cutting through a range of materials including plastic and bone. The aggressive staggered teeth have been hardened for longevity and provide ultra smooth and sharp sawing

Backyard Pruning & Bushcraft Use

This saw is the perfect tool for every outdoor enthusiast (even if it is just your backyard garden). The saw can be used on both green & dry wood as well as plastic and bones. Bring the saw with you on your adventures to be able to easily build a shelter, clear a path or prepare a meal. Use it in your garden as well for pruning shrubs and trees.





Triple Cut Teeth

Blade and tooth selection are alway important consideration when chooing a camping saw. Maybe you will miles from anywhere and very dependent on the quality of your hand saw. The triple cut teeth design on this saw definitely offers smooth sawing when you need cut some trees as shelter.The teeth have also been hardened for extra durability.

Anti-slip Long Rubbery Handle

Comfortable and longer rubber coated polymer handle ensures a firm grip in any weather condition.It's comfortable and designed to accommodate both large and small hands, also it's good for both left and right-handed uses.

REXBETI Support & Quality

See why lots of people choose REXBETI. From our high-grade products to our focus on customer service. No matter what problems you have, just contact us and our professional after-sale team will get in touch with you and timely solve your problems.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Grace Bedor
Quality product!

My folding saw compared to other folding saws was very durable the handles for dense, comfortable handles and the saw itself the material is much thicker than all of your competitors saw. Much thicker. Making the overall saw much sturdier. The way products are supposed to be and last. I would not changing a thing about this saw and the folding mechanism is very safe and folds with just the right amount of tension and ease. The color is perfect for easy to find eye recognition. Their description was pretty good but could use to the point wording to enhance their sells of the product but still was fairly good. Keep what you’re doing. Good quality that Amazon should be proud to carry! Their service of communication and promptness was excellent!

Mark Twain
Great Saw!!

This is the one I keep in my back pack when I hike and ride MX. It is light weight and sharp as a badgers teeth. And it is real hungry all the time and will eat through wood like a pregnant beaver.
Pretty sturdy and primarily use it to cut up fallen trees in on trails, make walking sticks, and for emergency uses like building makeshift shelters, splints, crutches etc if needed. Cuts through logs almost as good as a chainsaw!

REALLY sharp

Using this for snowmobile guiding. I've cut a path from 4 downed trees so far and it's been incredible.
One tree in particular was about 8-10" thick and I cut through it in less than a minute with this saw.
Exceeded expectations.
It's really sharp but the blade is thin so you need to concentrate on keeping your cut straight or the blade can flex and bend. Mine did a couple times but the steel appears to be good quality and was easy to bend back and still perform as new.

Richard D. Battle
Great saw that works very well.

I live in Florida where there are tons of invasive trees such as the Brazilian Pepper Trees. I cut the limbs with the saw and it works great. The Brazilian Pepper Trees have very dense, heavy wood and the ultra sharp saw teeth cut right through. High recommended. Excellent product.

Value for Money

This saw has performed past my expectations. I had seen a review in a YouTube video for a very similar saw and originally intended to purchase that one, but was swayed by the reviews and slightly cheaper price for this saw. It cuts well and quickly (even in harder woods), and the length of the blade is super helpful for extending into harder-to-reach areas. The metal construction seems pretty durable, having enough flex to work at odd angles but not so much that I'm worried about it warping.

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